25+ Checklist New Website Launch in 2023

Checklist New Website Launch in 2023

Check Complete Seo Audit

0 site Audit

1. Check broken links

2. Check robots.txt

3. Check sitemap.xml

4. Check meta description

5. check meta title

6. Check keywords in the contents

7. Check the alt tag in the image

8. Check site name in title and description

9. Check google Analytics connect

10. Check search console connect

11. Check mobile usability

12. Check page speed

13. Check internal links 404

14 check social media pages

15 check sporting keywords

16. Which country do you want to target

17. Deeply chack demo content in the sitemap

18. Toxic backlink

19. Website hacked

20. Check HTTP and HTTPS mixed content

21 Two versions of the website HTTP and HTTPS

22. Check website indexing error

23. Check the website in the search console how is a screen for google

24. Check how many properties are added in the search console and the owner version

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