With Group Leaders

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Today, I joined the open house of Marathon Training. It was my first group training ever. I chose 10 miles per hour pace team. We did 5 miles and  believe me it was done on time and things it let me focused on which normally I miss one or combination of few are:

  1. Followed the directions from the leaders and team. For example – Bikers coming, watch out for puddles, pat your self for making it under 10 etc.
  2. Focused on my Breathe. This is key!! Breathe… sometimes we do not do it right – I believe breathe well would make my run well.
  3. Reset my running forms whenever thing seemed to go off.  Use of gravity or slight bend towards front helps.
  4. Maintained the pace.
  5. Smiled and spoke to the team members as and when required.                                                 
  6. Some of the above five points I do miss when I train on my own. Be with running herd would be my marathon training mantra for 2018.
  7. Source:  With Group Leaders

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