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Since the past few years, farmers and agriculturalists have started recognising the benefits of coco peat as a growing medium. Recently, in the Udumalpet district of Tamil Nadu, many crops were grown using coco peat. Typically, Udumalpet is rain starved. A person visiting the place for the first time wouldn’t imagine rows of vegetables growing. However, Mr. R.K Raghunandan of Green Terra has made the impossible possible.

Mr.Raghunandan promotes coco peat as an alternative growing medium to soil. It is he who pioneered the use of coco peat in the country and in 1991; he exported it to UK and Australia as well. Coco peat is made using coco peat machines. There are a number of coco peat machinemanufacturers in India. Raghunandan grows tomatoes, green chillies, bell peppers and eggplant on a 10-cent land. The vegetables are cultivated in growbags.

In 1992, Mr.Raghunandan won the Commerce Ministry Award for pioneering work. He supplied coco peat to Sicilian farmers too to grow the famed Mediterranean veggies.



He said that Coco Peat Grow Bag Machine are usually used in greenhouses. This was the first time he was trying them in open air. He also mentioned that so far his experiment has been successful. He has 480 bags of vegetables on his land which he waters once a week for 10 minutes. Now that Mr.Raghunandan is fully convinced that coco peat method of growing vegetables outdoors works, he plans to persuade other farmers around him to use it. Using coco peat grow bagsmanufactured from coco peat machines supplied by coco peat processing machine, makes it easy to maintain and ensures crop success. Essar Engineer is the best  Coir Pith Grow Bag Making Machine supplier



Mr.Raghunandan feels that the Coconut Food Processing Machine method of agriculture is ideal for small farmers who work with just an acre or so. In conventional agriculture, wedding takes up a big chunk of expenses. Coco peat is weed free and is low maintenance. And the yield is enormous.  



One can have 4,000 grow bags in each bag. And each bag can have three plants, which means 12,000 saplings. The minimum yield is 24 tonnes of produce per crop cycle. The same thing when grown on soil will be approximately eight tonnes per crop cycle.

As Udumalpet is a drought prone region, Raghu dreams of promoting a mini-green revolution and organic vegetable cultivation in every home so that there is easy availability of fresh and toxin-free vegetables.


For those who want to grow organic vegetables in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, coco peat is the answer. It is the best growing medium.


Set-up of new machines to boost coir production


Kerala is often referred to as the ‘land of coconuts’. Coconut production in Kerala always plays an important role in the state economy. Coconut is a wonder fruit which has full potential. Apart from coconut water, coconuts are also recognised for their meat, milk, oil, fiber, coir and peat. Recently, Kerala State Coir Pith Block making Machine Manufacturing Company, a government initiative, decided to increase the distribution of coir fibre extracting machinery. The machines are expected to help boost coir production.


As per reports, a large number of coirextractionmachineswill be installed. Due to inefficient machinery, Kerala had started depending on other states for processed husk. The situation would undergo a change once modern machines were introduced into the production process. The machines offered by coir extraction machine manufacturers would cater to the demand from coir making units in the state. According to estimates, the coir manufacturing units in the State need 1.25 lakh tonne processed husk.


The state of Kerala produces 600 crore coconuts annually, but the coir manufacturing industry is not able to procure husk of at least half of them. Apart from installing coir machinery, the state also plans to install other coconut processing machinery.

Soon, a scheme for procurement of husk with the help of employees of coir manufacturing units will be introduced.


The machinery has been developed with the help of various agencies including the National Coir Research and Management Institute (NCRMI). The institute has been conducting studies for the development of new coir technologies.

Meanwhile, various trade unions and owners of small units in the coir sector are planning to launch revised rates for coir products as well as emoluments for the workers.


Apart from Kerala, Goa too has been installingcoconutprocessing machines. The extraction of virgin coconut oil Process Machinery  has got a makeover worldwide. Owing to its popularity and health benefits, the state plans to establish a special facility to produce the oil. 

Apart from Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), the production process will also involve extracting raw milk from mature coconuts. A coconut peat processing machine and tender coconut water processing machinewill also be installed.


Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction  and Uses.


With so many changes and developments taking place, it is evident that India may soon become an eminent coconut and coconut-based product manufacturer.

With changing times, the awareness of virgin coconut oil is increasing. It is slowly becoming major functional food oil. In the next few years, it will witness a dramatic growth in the market.


Coconut Oil Processing Machine is extracted from fresh coconut milk obtained from mature kernels of the coconut, by mechanical or natural means with the help of  Coconut Milk Processing Machines. VCO can be consumed in its natural state without any further processing. It is oil that does not undergo chemical refining or bleaching. It mainly comprises of medium chain fatty acids. The important fatty acid in VCO is lauric acid. It constitutes 48% of VCO. It also possesses powerful anti-microbial properties capable of destroying bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

Virgin coconut oil is the best possible remedy to treat various skin ailments. It is also the best skincare solution for babies. Since it is free from chemicals, it assures good protection to baby skin.

To produce 1 kg of virgin coconut oil, 7 kg of de-husked coconuts are required, which is roughly around 17 coconuts.


The virgin coconut oil extraction Plant process is as follows:


  • De-husking: The husk is removed manually or with the help of a coconut de-husking machine.
  • Deshelling: It is done to remove the shell of the coconut.
  • Paring:  It is done to remove the brown skin of the kernel with the help of a paring machine.
  • Blanching: Pared coconuts are dipped in boiling water for few minutes in a blanching tank.
  • Draining: It can be done with the help of vibratory screener. This will remove the excess water present in the blanched coconuts.
  • Disintegration: Pared coconuts are fed into a disintegrator where pared nuts are cut into small pieces and will be ready for extraction.
  • Milk extraction: Shredded coconuts are put into a coconut milk extractor machine(screw press/ hydraulic press) and coconut milk oozes out of the extractor. Extracted milk is collected in collecting vessels.Desiccated Coconut Powder Processing Machine Extracted coconut milk is then filtered to remove if any solids are present. Residue obtained after extraction is dried in an oven and packed a defatted desiccated coconut.
  • Centrifugation: This process is used to separate two immiscible substances. Coconut milk is the natural oil in water emulsion. After centrifugation, oil and skim milk is separated. Coconut oil is separated from coconut milk.
  • Filtration: The oil is passed through the filter press and packed in consumer packs. Vacuum drying of virgin coconut oil Machine will remove the moisture present in that. This can be packed as “premium grade VCO”.

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Conversion of tender coconut husk into fuel or fibre


The Central Coir Research Institute (CCRI) in Kerala has proposed a project for conversion of tender coconut husk into convenient form of fuel or fiber. They are doing it in association with The Energy and Resources Institute. The tender husk could be a potential polluting agent unless handled appropriately.  


Coir extraction machinery is used to convert husk into fiber as well as blocks that were developed by CCRI. A report made by the CCRI pointed out that tender coconut husk is not utilised in an effective manner. Tender coconut husk is high in moisture content and is generally not used by the coir industry. 

Thus, it is necessary that the husk is cut into pieces and dried for use as convenient biomass fuel.Hydraulic Coir Fiber Bailing Machine 

The dried husk procured from coconut husk processing machinery is used in a specially designed gasifier based stove for cooking applications in domestic and community cooking applications in remote village. The CCRI proposed that an appropriate business model is needed for collection of tender coconut husk and processing it in a centralised place. The processed husk from the process of coconut fiber making machine can also be packed into bags for sale in the market. 

The tender coconut husk is chipped into smaller pieces, de-watered using screw press and then sundried. Screw pressed tender coconut husk can be sun dried within 3 days while ordinary husk will take much more time.

The CCRI has also developed a mobile fibre coconut extraction machine which can easily be transported to villages. This is can be done because the availability of husk is the most in villages. 

The machine was developed with the intention that Kerala is forced to buy coir fiber for the coir industry from the neighbouring states. Research proves that use of the machine will improve the quality of coir pith as about 50 per cent of the pith produced in the country is exported. 

Therefore, the Government of India should take a decision to install more coconut husk processing machinery in villages to solve the problem of pollution created by large quantities of tender coconut husk being piled up.

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Coco peat is a well defined fibre got it from coconut husks. The extraction of the coconut fibre from husks gives us this by-product called cocopeat. Cocopeat is a 100% natural.Thiscocopeat dried in the natural sun, are processed to produce different items namely cocopeat block, coco peat briquettes, cocopeat tablets etc. Clean coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. Essar Engineer is one of the best coco peat manufacturer and coco peat  supplier in India. we manufacturing Coconut Processing MachineCoir pith block MachineManufacturers, Coir Extraction Machine Suppliers,  Coconut Water Extraction Machine and also we supply all over the world. for enquiry kindly visit

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