Types of paintings

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Types of Paintings.

Paintings are evolved based on the artist’s view over the World. Over the years, two styles dominant the artist world– the Western and the Eastern style of art. Before Diving deeper into paintings I like to add some things to you. Nowadays Paintings are easily available in Online. Some of the best Online Art Gallery are Indian Art Zone, Saachi art, Fizdi, Fine Art America. Here you can Get free World Wide Shipping.

Let us Starts with the Western style of art.

The Western style of Art is Popular Nowadays.  Abstract painting, modernism, impressionism and some Unique unpopular or lesser known style of arts surrealism and photorealism these are all the paintings which comes under Western form of art.


Modernism in Paintings is Kind of art that was painted by artists during the period between 1860 and 1970 It is a new way of thinking by an artist. Modernism paintings replicates the modern age without any restriction of the old Traditional paintings. Indian Art Zone having huge gallery on Modern Paintings


A style of painting which originated in France in 1860s. Impressionism paintings Portray Impression of the moment. Some Special Features are shifting effect of light and colour. Impression Painting is quiet costly which you can buy paintings Online from fizdi, IAZ etc

Abstract paintings

Abstract Painting is the true outcome of radical thought by an artist. Abstract art is art that does not try to portray the actual view of visual reality. It depict in form of using shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to attain its effect. Abstract painting is available in all store. Many artist are actively involving in creating Abstract Paintings. You Can Buy Abstract Paintings Online from Various Online store like IAZ, Fizdi


Vincent Van Gogh was one of the greatest Artist of Expressionism. It is the Kind of Abstract Paintings which is closely related to emotions and feelings of human heart. You can find out Expressionism kind of Artwork for Sale in IAZ, Fizdi etc


Cusbism is the kind of Abstract art where Geometrical Paintings shapes plays a main role. It Describes every art in the form of cubes shapes as per the artist view of object. Cubeism paintings is not popular, Cubeism paintings for sale online in major sites like IAZ, Fizdi


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