Reasons Why Costumes Are Used Let Alone Any Particular Variety

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Costumes are usually worn for different reasons depending on what the occasion, the weather or climate condition (if it is hot we put on summer clothes and if it is cold we generally put on winter clothes), the type of body shape you have (clothes differ for slim people to athletic folks to heavy ones as well), your sex (male or female – yes this is given as one would like to make a fool of oneself especially in the public space), to cover yourself (not to present yourself in nude) and generally to look and feel good (raising of self esteem). In this little write-up, we seek to examine the various reasons why people generally wear clothes or dress and one in particular, namely the Gatsby costume.

People wear costumes as masquerade, on Halloween (known as festival costumes and they vary according the festival that one is attending or participating in like Halloween, Oktoberfest or St Patrick’s day and son on and so forth), gaming convention,when there is a live action role playing, carnival, sporting events, etc.

People actually parade themselves in an unusual manner or mode of dressing sometimes almost unclad like the carnival that is usually done in most countries (Brazil as a unique example where the annual The Carnival of Brazil is world famous) around the world where women come out in costumes that are unique or unprecedented, it sometimes even be a totally unclad costume which the women have paintings around their genitals to bring out the uniqueness in the carnival, others may decide to have paintings on their faces and other parts of their bodies. It also varies from country to country or continent to continent or religion to religion and in some cases specific to some culture (like the Oktoberfest beer festival that happens in Bavaria region of Germany every year).

Another occasion or reason why costumes are used is in festivals like the Halloween where by people dress and have scary paintings on their faces so scary because it really looks real. There is also sexy costume that is usually done in some occasions by women in which they dress and have a really sexy costume that is breathtaking this is occasionally to express their sexuality in a unique way.

Sometimes it is competitive like a Halloween party where the organizers will reserve a price for whoever dresses the most scary way.

Another reason why costumes are used is in movies, costumes are used in movies in other to give the audience a clear information about the character the actor or actress is acting like,in fact there are various reasons why Gatsbycostume Australia are used, these are just the few reasons we were able to talk about for now.

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