Printed Lanyards- Excel Your Business Promotions

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One of the most popular tactics to augment your brand awareness is by using the custom lanyards. Lanyards differ from other options as the design that you require is surface screen-printed or heat transferred onto the fabric. Many other promotional options are available but lanyards are considered to be very easy to handle and customize.

Choosing the right lanyards for your employees can be tricky especially when it’s your first time. Though lanyards are small and need not much consideration, one needs to take care while buying lanyards in order to improve the environment in which your employees work.

You can get a satisfying work atmosphere and an improved promotion by putting a little bit thought while selecting the types and designs of these ID cards lanyards.

There are mainly 3 types of lanyards:

Plain Lanyards

Plain lanyards are considered the most simple or elementary form of lanyards. These custom lanyards are the simple ropes, cord or strings with no image or logo attached. There isn’t any design even. These lanyards have got no frills and are of single color.

Beaded Lanyards

Beaded lanyards have different versions. These can be simple and stylish at the same time. The beading effect is being produced by using special techniques and printing approaches. These lanyards are very useful in holding cameras, wallets, cell phones, pen drives, etc. These are very tough and attractive enough to entice someone.

Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards are also called as ID cards lanyards. These are specialized for holding badges or identity cards of employees. These lanyards are commonly used by the top organizations. These are printed and carry the company’s logo or name on the cord. If you are running your business, then badge lanyards would be the perfect option for you.

For an effective brand promotion, you need to keep some extra things in mind while contacting lanyard printing services providers. These are:

Unlimited detailing

You can choose what and how much information you want to be printed on the ribbon. There are many corporate entities out there which choose to print only the name and logo of the company. Other multinational companies are also there which prefer only the contact number and slogan on the cord. While designing your own customized lanyard, make sure the lanyard speaks clearly about your organization.

Vibrant color options

It is advisable to choose some vibrant color combinations for the promotional item. Generally, when lanyards contain more noticeable colors then the detailing on lanyard becomes much pleasing to the eyes when combined with some great designs and attractive patterns. Wisely chosen colors can entice your target audience towards the description of your provided products and services.

Customizable fonts

There is a saying in the advertising world – bigger is better. Fonts play a key role while designing an advertising item. Make sure that the font that you choose to be printed on the lanyards is communicative. There are many fonts which look fancier and attractive but are not comprehensible. Personalizing the lanyards gives you a better image of the product that you are promoting.

Your chosen material

The fabric that you opt for, decides the type of audience you deal with. Though all lanyards are made of good quality fabric, there are some divisions that decide which type of material should be used for different target markets. For example, if you are dealing with sports-oriented individuals then the lanyard should be made of a nylon tube which is resilient by nature. On the other hand, if you are targeting some upscale clients then satin lanyards should be considered. The material should be chosen according to the niche and your customers’ interest.

Lanyards are better options when compared to other promotional products. By using these marketing products in a better way, you can excel in all your marketing campaigns.

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