Music Composition For Bands – Difficulties With Techniques

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hen words fail, music speaks – Shakespeare

Is composing music difficult?

That’d be answered in a lucid, detailed or explanatory way by the legends and learners of the art. But what we have come to know of a few sources in the trade is composition can be taught and it takes no genius out of someone to make it. Yes, the one thing that compels anyone to prepare music is the passion and practice mixed all together for it.

Technically, a musical composition is made by combining different elements of music. Therefore, the music composers put their heart and soul out there for mastering the elements in a beautiful symphony that is not just cheerful to the ears but touching every soul who listens and winning their hearts.

How do composers create such masterpieces of music?

Everyone has to understand that the music composers or musicians do not create or innovate all along in just one second. They possess the experience and the things they have learned in the past. This actually helps them address a myriad of musical questions while they prepare the music composition programs for an album, concert, show or any other event. They may pick a melody or a chord progression or a percussion score for inspiring themselves. It may trigger the sound, parts, elements, etc. for composing the music for a particular reason or purpose.

The Trivium – Learning Musical Composition

The Trivium comprising Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric are the main phases of learning music. The word comes from a Greek method. These three phases are as important as they stand and no deflection from here could help anyone draw music out of nothing.

When the fundamentals are wrong, when rudimentary knowledge isn’t applied, when logic doesn’t matter per se, there is no sense in music. Spontaneous drumming or guitar threading could bring up a random music, but that isn’t logical or sensible. Musicians are well aware of this fact, which is why they bring up that sense and approach in a different way for composing the music.

Marching band music arrangements

The above we just discussed had a lot to do with the basics. The members of a marching band need to understand their strengths and weaknesses in a group, especially when they are new. Adding too many elements can create the chances of adding mediocrity to the group’s performance. Indeed, there have been marching bands that added many elements without musical arrangements and ensemble parts. They couldn’t help themselves and their performances died down in an unfortunate manner.

Probably, the group composing marching band sheet music should listen to experts who have hosted or performed various spectacular shows in their own time. In another route, a band may look forward to the music production companies that help with percussion score, wind parts, themed presentations, ensemble performance, field arrangements, music elements, compositions, and much more. They are professionals and charge a reasonable fee for providing the entire program on lease or permanence.

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