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According to the study “Asia Automotive Gasket and Seal Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, advanced technology in automotive sector and the increasing need for better fuel efficient parts and vehicle performance will propel the market for gaskets and seals. Increasing use of gaskets and seals in automotive industry has led to reduction in the maintenance cost of automobiles and improved the lifespan of the automotive components. Majority of the gaskets and seals manufacturers are focussing on improving fuel economy by introducing lightweight, easy to assemble, heat resistant, pressure resistant and improved quality products. Manufacturers are using metallic and non-metallic materials such as metal, plastic polymer, fiber, silicon and rubber.  Therefore, it is predicted that the gaskets and seals market will witness the reign of metallic gasket over the next few years. Gaskets and seals are used in various applications such as cooling applications, transmissions, engine, brakes, fuel supply and batteries. Other types of gaskets and seals are cylinder head gaskets, o-ring seals, valve stem seals, vent seals, plug in seals and rotary seals. Gaskets and seals are used in automobiles that are compact, mid-sized, premium, luxury, commercial, heavy commercial vehicles, and highway vehicles.

Gaskets and seals are the chief components used in automobiles to prevent any fluid and gas leakage. They help in filling the gap between the various automotive components to ensuring zero leakage. Seals majorly prevent the automotive lubricants from escaping the bearings and also avoid dust and other contaminants from entering the automobile machinery. Advanced technology is involved in the manufacturing of gaskets and seals that offer as an effective means to obtain better fuel economy providing less repair and maintenance requirements. Gaskets and seals helps in the improvement of the average life span of any automotive component. Moreover, there are stringent regulations related to maximum limits on emissions as incorporated by Asian automotive agencies that will surely drive the gaskets and seals market. Silicone rubber is a lightweight material which is the preferred material used in the making of gaskets and seals that will reduce the fuel cost and improve automobile efficiency. Almost all the manufacturers in Asia are focusing on the development of gaskets and seals materials that reduce the fuel requirement which can also withstand high heat and pressure.

Gaskets and seals market in Asia is geographically spread across China, Japan, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia and other regions. Dana Limited, Federal-Mogul Corporation, Trelleborg AB, Datwyler, Elringklinger, SKF AB, Smiths Group plc, Victor Gaskets, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, KG and Flowserve Corporation are the leading vendors in Asian gaskets and seals market. The major factors affecting gaskets and seals market are consumer spending limit, consumers attracted towards low maintenance vehicles, easy access to advanced technology, and awareness of modern automobile components.

Original equipment manufacturers (OME) are investing heavily in research and development to manufacture better products in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and develop superior quality automobile materials. Advanced technology in automobiles has increased the complexities in engine design systems driving a growing adoption of more advanced injection moulding systems. Seals manufactured using moulding technique help in reducing friction and leakages which is the major factor that will drive the growth of the automotive seals and gaskets market over the next few years. There is an increasing use of metallic gaskets and seals in other industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, electronics, and automobile that will continue driving the growth of rubber gaskets and seals market. With the aforementioned facts the demand for metallic gaskets and seals will continue in Asian automobiles sector over the next few years.

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