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According to the study “Europe Balsa Core Materials Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, maritime transport is a cost-effective way to transporting goods and raw materials around the world. Majority of the trading activities are performed through the sea accounting for a major share in European economy. Dry cargo shipments and tanker trades such as crude oil, petroleum products, and gas demand for balsa core materials such as balsa core sheets for packaging and as support systems. The need for security systems within the developed economies has led to a demand for fighter, attack and bomber aircraft in their military sector that are utilizing balsa core composite materials in the manufacturing processes. The increasing demand for cost-effective, environment-friendly generation systems and implementation of stringent regulations to reduce emission of greenhouse gases has led to adoption of balsa core composite materials in various manufacturing process. Wind energy sector is the major consumer of balsa core materials in the manufacturing and establishment of the industry. It prefers lightweight materials for better energy production.

Balsa core materials are cost-effective and can be tailored for any specific applications as per requirements. Balsa trees grow rapidly; therefore, there is a huge demand for their core materials. They are extensively used in production of boats, transportation, wind turbines blades and structural composite panels. They possess high specific stiffness, rigidity and enhanced moisture resistance that makes it the most material suitable for wide range of applications. Sandwich panel of balsa wood cores are used in lightweight aircrafts construction for high compressive and tensile strength. Hovercraft, aircraft and helicopter designers prefer balsa wood core materials in the manufacturing processes.

Monolayer and multilayer are the various types of balsa core materials available in European markets. Various applications of balsa core materials in Europe are wind energy, aerospace, marine, transportation, construction and others. Geographically, balsa core materials market in Europe is spread across Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions. The leading players in balsa core materials market in Europe are DIAB, 3A Composites Core Materials, Bcomp Ltd, Carbon-Core Corp, CoreLite, Gurit, Evonik Industries AG, I-Core Composites and Nord Compensati. Balsa core materials market in Europe is fragmented due to many players. Mergers and acquisitions of balsa core material manufactures and technological advancements are expected to provide lucrative opportunities within the market.

The ongoing development of the military, aerospace, marine and wind power industries in European countries have led to a huge demand for lightweight composite materials, balsa core materials. The multilayer segment in of balsa core materials is projected to be the most lucrative segment in European markets, due to its higher energy absorption property as compared to its monolayer materials. High cost of balsa core materials is expected to hinder Europe’s balsa core materials market growth over the next few years.

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