Discussion question fraud

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Discussion question fraud

The two cases tend to present instances of research fraud. The cases have had a significant impact on the world. In the case related to autism and childhood vaccines, this incident did have a long-lasting damage to the public health. Because of the results of the research, many people and mostly parents panicked and this lead to a large decrease in regards to the number of those children who get the vaccine that tend to prevent measles, mumps, and rubella. Because of failure of parents taking children to be vaccinated, the world observed a sharp increase in measles in the following years. There were more cases of measles reported, and those affected were those who had not received the vaccination.

Harvard psychology researcher

In the case fraud by the Harvard psychology researcher, the incident did affect a lot of people. The fact is that the researcher did mislead a lot of collaborators and other researchers who used some of his findings. The fraud also did have a significant impact on most students and the general public who read his work. The fact that there was misconduct identified in some of his work has made many people not to believe and consider his work as being credible sources. The two cases of research fraud did matter outside science. There more people who were affected by the cases include the general public. Because of the fraud and misconduct, there are many people who appear not to trust results of studies that have been conducted even those not involving science because they are not sure whether they can trust these results.

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