Common Nail Fungus And Determining The Issue

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Nail fungus can be really annoying with the looks. However, it is not at all a good condition to develop.

When we talk about nail fungus one of the most common issues that come up is onchomycosis. It is also known as toenail fungus. The condition arises from a fungus called dermatophyte. However there are further differentiations in the condition and thus, they are classified into various categories. Due to the fungus, the nail becomes yellow & thick and the debris accumulated inside the nails gets easily crumbled.

What can be an effective treatment?

When it comes to effective nail fungus treatment dual wavelength GentleMAX Pro System is the most beneficial. It takes about 12 to 15 minutes per foot when it comes to treating nail fungus. With the help of laser technology you can restore the beautiful nails again. However, there are some important factors which need to be considered.

Pre and post treatment considerations:


  • Keep your fingers and nails clean and make sure that they are free from nail polish.
  • The affected area must be shaved properly to remove excessive hair.


  • Keep the affected area clean from excessive hair growth even after the treatment has been done.
  • Wear clean socks and shoes
  • Disinfect the shower and vacuum the carpet flooring to eliminate the hidden fungus
  • It is recommended to use anti-fungal cream depending on the severity of the condition
  • Keep your nails trimmed and clean from debris accumulation

How does the treatment feel like?

  • The treatment is completely safe and painless
  • The nail and the surrounding skin remain harmless
  • There are no unpleasant side effects
  • No downtime required
  • Can be applied to patients of all ages

How long does it take for the growth of new nails?

Well, this time depends on the severity of the fungal infection. Make sure you hire a professional and expert nail specialist in Ottawa so that the treatment is done in an appropriate way. Once the treatment has been done, patients can return to their normal activities in no time.

Recurring fungus occurrence

Whatever be the type of nail fungal infection be sure that there’s a tendency of forming the situation. Therefore, it’s important to consult with the doctor to prevent such fungal attack in the future. However, the recurrence rate may vary from 6.5 percent to 53 percent. In such cases it is suggested to use oral antifungal medicines. When you’re treating the nail be sure to get rid of the environment that has the tendency of forming fungal spores.


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