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I until supper was due to more than one person, in the quiet days of “feeling hungry” a greeting to be paid or free replacement dig in your wallet in half. New paid the price with location information, you may want to pay full cost of the problem is getting the dining room, much less a solution difficult.The Restaurant Bill Splitting App, which is available on Android and iOS.

Command and with the idea of ​​social control, app release-to-liquid male portion Customisation Blue View to pay the total amount of their size or groups divvying PALS in between, is to go Dutch. This will get a crate in the hemming and hawing inconvenient for some clean, you can send the app to browse menus, commands, and eating in general is not a problem, even if the front waiting for work.
You can easily share accounts, and must pay all of the App cost-sharing charges – no friends coming for a while and took a fair share of a parent can be a fun night together, paid the food bill, and bypass sharing with mathematics and strange conversations.

When credit cards or by sharing control of a person not worried shorting point increase at the next group dinner. Select your cash register receipt and added to it. Add a cell phone, then join Bill and be able to choose the desired size of the tip of your friends. The application will automatically calculate the total of all tax and tip will be. You have to pay cash or take a different approach to this, but your friends, the app can pay to us directly. If you are treating someone for their birthday, everyone will come to see the crown on top of them to cover their share of the bill.

The cost increase and distribution costs, add all payments in their own way sync.In created just for this application user group for new devices that will handle the rest of the cost is the distribution of free Android / iPhone application that will help share expenses in a group.

Bhoomil Shah

Bhoomil Shah


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