A Quick Guide On Dental Crowns In Chino CA

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How healthy it is to smile and be happy. There is nothing more beautiful than a nice smile. But, most often people don’t smile because they are either conscious of the way their teeth are aligned or the broken tooth or some oral health issue. It is very normal to see chipped tooth, broken tooth, or even missing tooth in people nowadays. Unlike the good old days, there is an effective treatment for the same too. Yes, the dental technology has advanced to make place for the issues you face. All you need to do is visit the dentist in Chino in time to get your oral issues solved.

If you have a broken tooth or discolored teeth and are considering dental crowns, the best is to consult an experienced and licensed dentist. However, before that you should have the basic understanding about what dental crowns are, how they work and what problems they fix. This article aims to educate you on various aspects of dental crowns Chino, enabling you to make an informed decision. Read further to gather quick information about dental crowns.

  • What exactly is a dental crown?
    That’s a question which comes to everyone’s mind when they hear about this particular treatment. In simple words, it’s a crown or cap that is fixed over the remaining part of your tooth, making it look like a natural tooth. It completes your jawline and no one can say that you ever had a missing tooth. A crown can be made of different materials but porcelain is most preferred because it simply replicates your original tooth.
  • When do you need a dental crown?
    A dental crown can repair your tooth as well as enhance your oral health. Moreover, it completes your smile. A crown can be used for a number of reasons, such as:
    • To strengthen a tooth weakened by decay
    • To repair a tooth that has been broken
    • To cover a discolored tooth
    • To protect the root of a tooth that’s missing
    • To hold a denture in place
  • How is a dental crown prepared?
    First, the dentist takes impressions of the teeth or the tooth that needs to be replaced. It is important to know the size and shape of the existing tooth/teeth. Then, they will prepare the remaining tooth/teeth by trimming a certain essential amount of enamel from it. With this, there would be enough space in the crown body. The impressions are taken once your tooth is trimmed. These are then sent to the laboratory where crowns are custom-made for you. Porcelain crowns may be more expensive than those made of other metals. This is because they replicate your natural tooth and are made of the similar substance.
  • Does the experience of your dentist have any role to play in the treatment?
    Certainly! In fact, it’s one of the most important factors in the success of your treatment. Don’t settle on a dentist who is ready to perform the treatment without thoroughly diagnosing your oral health and considering your overall health. Find a dentist who is qualified, trained and licensed to carry out such treatment procedures. You can ask for their qualifications or just drop in their office to get an idea about their reputation.

As mentioned earlier, maintaining a good oral health plays a critical role in your overall physical health. So, maintain a healthy smile and live life to the fullest.

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