5 Unbelievable Advantages Of Installing The Mixer Taps In Bathroom

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The usual manner of filling a bath or flowing water into the sink needs two taps,

One is linked to the hot water supply as well as the other to the cold water supply. In a mixer tap, you even make from the hot and cold sources, however, these are joint into a single flow and comes from a single spout.

Here are 5 advantages that mixer taps can get to your bathroom:

  1. Versatility

Mixer taps can work great on a bath or basin or a bathroom sink. You could also mix or match, with a mixer tap on the bath and divide hot and cold taps on the basin. Mixer taps can also be versatile if you also install shower mixer, permitting you to exchange between the flow from the taps as well as a shower attachment. This can be mounted or hand-held to make a shower bath and is specifically valuable where there is no requirement for a different bath and shower enclosure.

  1. Style

Several people opt for the smooth and streamlined appearance of a Mixer Singapore to that of different hot and cold taps. There is a wide spectrum of mixer tap styles exist in the market. They may have keen, contemporary lines or be curved with the standard arch shape.

The handles also can differ, from usual rotating handles to levers that are raised up and down to control the stream. If you think about a wall mounted mixer tap, these are also present in the market.


  1. Control

With two different taps, you are restricted to two flows of water – cold and hot. Your grip on the temperature of the hot water will be restricted to your heating settings through your can, obviously, blend the hot and cold water to various degrees in the basin or bathtub itself.

With the help of a mixer tap, you can fix the temperature as it runs from the taps. This makes is it very simple to accurately control the temperature of your water, either you are doing a washing, bath or shaving with water as it comes out from the tap.

  1. Convenience

The additional control can also be quite convenient, particularly with reference to doing a bath. With different taps, one ordinary method is to use both taps concurrently, basically with the hot water tap opened completely than the cold. It can be hard to obtain the blend right although and several individuals discover they have to stand guard or continue checking back.

Running hot and after that, including cold water is another ordinary technique; however, this can result in a possible scalding bath; particularly unsafe if you have kids. By searching the optimal temperature with a mixer tap, you can quit the bath to run itself in self-reliance. Just don’t remember anything about it, or you will only get a flood on your hands.

  1. Economy

Mixer taps are basically fitted with a flow limiter as this assists stop very much water being gotten from the hot and cold pipes straight away. In sensible terms, you are ready to use not as much of hot water when adding it into a solo flow, which is fine for both your energy bills as well as the environment.

In Conclusion

If you are having the mixer tap in your bathroom, then you are already enjoying its benefits. However, if you don’t have it, you are missing a great opportunity. The market has a variety of mixer taps of brands like Grohe Singapore etc. that are rich in terms of material and quality. So, now you should go for it.


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