5 Pairs Of Shoes You Need In Your Closet This Summer!

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If dogs are a man’s best friend, then shoes are a girl’s best friend. Blame it on Sex and the City. This summer’s trends in footwear are edgier than ever.  Bold colors and interesting shapes are some of the staples for this season’s collections. Try adding these trends to your closet and take your “shoe game” to the next level.

Chunky sandals

These blocky statement pieces are sure to turn heads and sure to be the topic of many conversations. It takes a real style maven to pull these off. If you want to test the “high fashion waters,” I would suggest pairing these shoes with a summer dress and a cross-body bag.

Kitten heels

This trend is back with a vengeance and stylish socialites and fashion lovers are taking part. This trend gives you a little lift while offering a wide array of colors and designs. This trend feels right for the summer because there is no pressure. You have a stylish option for the nights where you don’t necessarily want to break out the stilettos.

Chunky Sneakers

…Or “dad trainers” should I say, are here! This trend is being seen on the most daring fashionistas and actresses on social media platforms. These shoes are the fashion rebels dream. Not many will try this out but for those who do, I would suggest wearing these chunky trainers with some tights, a midriff top, and a modern fanny pack!

Colors are always in! Color blocking is a must this season. Colorful shoes create an effortless color blocking moment. This trend can be worn in any fashion moment so try it out. Break the norm!

This is by far the simplest trend. It took a while for this trend to make its way back around but I’m so glad that it did. Anyone can pull off this trend. You can wear this flat on a casual day out to the beach or on a date night. This versatile shoe is what every girl needs in her closet this summer. Get a few pairs in different styles!

This list will have you on the way to a more fashionable shoe closet. Trying out these trends will elevate your style to the next level! Happy shopping!

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